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bavauto.com's pressure brake bleeder

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself)' started by chebowitz, May 20, 2013.

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    Has anyone used the bavauto pressure brake bleeder kit on an E60 5 series with the standard pressure (screw) cap that came with their kit?

    According to the Bavauto folks, their standard pressure cap that's included in the kit doesn't fit the E60 5 series brake reservoir snug enough and want you to purchase their universal cap. This seems odd in that the Motive pressure brake bleeder kit has just one cap for all BMWs (and this also fits most euro cars) and according to a local BMW dealer, the pressure bleeder system they use has the same cap for all the cars.

    I've detailed this further in a separate post in the 5 series forum; here's the link to that post http://www.bmwcca.org/forum/index.p...b-for-e60-06-530xi-variety-of-questions.9796/

    Any insights are greatly appreciated.
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    TomF BMW EnthuZiast

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    I purchased and have used the Bav Auto brake bleeder on my wife's 2011 335is Coupe and I've verified that it fits my 2006 M Roadster. Neither one is an E60, but the M Roadster is from the same time frame that the E60 was produced.

    I read your other thread and agree that it should not be necessary, and is probably not advisable, to open the bleeder valve when compressing the caliper piston. Based on every brake job DIY that I've ever read, I just use a turkey baster or some other type of suction pump to suck the excess fluid out of the reservoir before compressing the pistons.

    As far as ATE fluid, the recommendations that I've read are to alternate the gold and blue mostly so that you know when all of the old fluid is flushed out by observing the color change as it's being pushed out of the bleeder valve.

    One feature of the Bav Auto brake bleeder that I like is the quick coupler on the top of the cap and the end of the hose which allows you to easily disconnect it from the tank.
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    I have been using the motive bleeder on Mercedes W210, W163, and E60 530i. Same cap works on all three cars, in fact E60 530i was a pain in rear due to the reservior is hidden beneath the A/C filter housing panels. I did have to redo the plastic hose on the power bleeder because it dry rotted after 10 years.

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