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Battery replacement

Discussion in 'F10/F11 (2010-2017)' started by Jerryluo, Apr 5, 2016.

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    Hi everyone!
    My car shut off when I was driving today, and it said drivertrain malfunction and later it said auto start up/stop dysfunctional. After that, I was not able to start up the car. So my car was towed to the dealer, and my SA told me it is because the battery is almost dead, but I wonder why would I be able to drive about 10 minutes before it shut off. Besides that, he told me to replace the battery is about $600, 300 for the battery and 300 for the lab(installing and programming). Do you guys think it is a rip off? But since my car is not driveable now, what options do I have?
    Thanks guys
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    That doesn't sound right to me once the vehicle is running the battery basically becomes a voltage stabilizer in the system and there alternator supplies all the power. The vehicle should not shut off if the alternator is putting out the correct supply. The price for a BMW battery installed is about right for your vehicle. Did he give you list of faults for the drivetrain malfunction?

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