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Bad Tele-Atlas Map Data

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by mrpaulsoucy, Nov 29, 2011.

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    My 2007 328I had a dvd based factory nav system. It was flawless without any map updates. My 2011 factory nav system uses a hard drive nav system with a different map source (tele-atlas). It will not even direct me out of my 10 year old community (takes me to a closed construction entrance). BMW NA says it is not "their" fault but to report it to Tele-Atlas. It has on numerous occassions mis routed me. BMW wants $399 to update the maps, but with no assurance they are any better. What a ripoff of a major car company. I hope all of you who have 2010/2011 factory nav systems with bad data to pursue contacting BMW NA and complain. We may need a class action lawsuit to make them fix a problem they have selling us a $2100 nav system that is so flawed. I recently used my free app on my smartphone, and it gave directions 100% accurate for free. What a waste of money I incurred buying the factory nav system.
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    Unfortunately, I have had instances with several vendor's NAV systems... in that they all have flaws. In Tennessee, my Garmin instructed me to turn left off the highway, which, if I had done so, would have driven off the side of a mountain.

    In another instance, a Tom-Tom directed me to follow a non-existent road in Colorado. I know of several instances where incorrect/insane instructions were given to drivers, many of which I know personally.

    All systems have flaws, and if you read the "fine print" in the disclaimers, you'll pretty much find out that the vendors aren't liable for mapping errors. Indeed, that's why they instruct you to do a "sanity check" before following NAV driving instructions.

    Having said that, I certainly understand your frustration, since you have a mapping error so close to your home. However, I honestly doubt you'll get anywhere calling for a class-action lawsuit. If that was a real possibility, you would have been reading about successful lawsuits in the news for years...

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