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Back Up Camera and Rear Seat Entert. Questions

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Electronics' started by boobite, Jul 7, 2009.

    boobite guest

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    Hi All,

    I am a new fully loaded '09 4.8i X5 owner and loving it so far despite a couple disappointments in the technology arena.

    For one, I have NO control over the Rear Seat Entertainment System which seems to be completely separate from the Front Entertainment System (6 disc DVD Changer in glove box and Aux/IPOD Integration in center console). I can't even get my ipod to plug in any of the 5 back input jacks for my kids to play music or movies! Am I missing something big here??? Why is there a 6 disc DVD changer in the front when you can only watch a movie when you are not driving?

    Also, does anyone else have a gripe about how the back up camera shows much of the back bumper but very little of the street I am actually backing up into? Is there any way to angle the camera up a bit? And is there any way to get rid of the huge grey-ish warning sign that shows up at the top of the screen and literally blocks all view when you are backing up??? Why isn't this warning sign in any of the pictures illustrating the back up camera in the X5 brochure?

    Please help if you have any input here. Thanks!
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    same complaint

    Have 09 diesel (favored over the v8 BTW), my camera is aimed ok, but the gray warining sign is a PITA. i did find that when in reverse if you hit the idrive main menu you get a camera menu. There is a setting that "pans" the camera. This, if selected seem to make the camera unusable due to it looking nearly straight down. Uncheck this and you get a better view.

    BTW does your camera come on at a glaciers pace. Many times I have backed up and started foreward before the camera ever comes on.

    boobite guest

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    X5 Rear Back up Camera Revisited

    Yes! And thank you for replying to my message. I hate to complain about my car because I love it, but the back up camera is virtually useless at the rate I am going most of the day. I too am already going forward by the time it turns on and then it is annoyingly stays on until I am going a decent speed to switch it off. Argh. In addition, the visibility at night is ridiculous on my back up camera, again virtually useless. I could run over a pet or child easily and never know it from the picure on my screen at night time. Do you also have poor clarity when it gets dark?

    Thanks for the advice on the camera panning. I did already uncheck it, but I still think the angle could be higher especially with the warning sign in the way. Lets chat again!

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