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August 2011 Delivery 535

Discussion in 'European Delivery' started by herbbennett, Mar 21, 2011.

    herbbennett guest

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    I was thinking of taking European delivery of a new 535 at the end of the summer before my teenage sons go back to school. Does anyone have any experience traveling in Europe mid to late August? We plan on picking it up at the factory; driving down to Northern Italy and returning to Munich to return home. I am a little concerned about everyong being off for their summer vacation.
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    European schools don't do as we do, as it relates to taking the summer months off. They split the scholastic year up with more frequent (but shorter in length) vacation periods.

    That said...

    I rode that area (with my 14 year old daughter on back) with a small group of Harley riders back in 2003, during August. I don't recall any major traffic issues at all. We visited, among other places.... Venice, Verona and Lake Garda (Lago Garda). The road that circles the lake is the same one that is seen in the opening scenes in the latest James Bond movie, and its some extremely great scenery.

    I highly recommend it. If you do go, don't forget to take in the Dolomites... they are absolutely beautiful! Take a good camera.... you;'ll need one!

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    It's very hot in EU in July & August. Many people are taking their mandatory vacation (usually matched for when their children are out of school; which varies quite a lot.) Very few hotels have A/C. Almost all attractions and roads are crowded. Lots of people in the Alps to get away from the heat.

    I'd wait until September. But you may not be able to if you're taking the sons.

    alstroberg guest

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    Picking up a new car & touring with your kids is an opportunity not to be missed. This will be a life-time memory. (most likely a good one)
    But consider turning northward & visiting Sweden & Norway. Excellent roads, not as crowded, and not as hot as the rest of Europe. I agree that Lago de Garda is beautiful- but for me not that much nicer than other parts of Europe to warrant the crowds.

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