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Approaching 50k...maintenance?

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by Musikpro, Jun 12, 2008.

    Musikpro guest

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    Hello all... I purchased a 2005 325i at around 42K, and I'm nearing in on 50K... since I've had the car all I've done are oil/filter changes. Should I be getting ready for Inspection II? The countdown in my car will hit 0 after 50K (and after warranty expires :(). What services need to be done, and how often? I've heard 2 years, and 15000 miles for various things.
    Brake fluid?
    Microfilters (actually not sure what or where those are yet)?
    And I hear talk about valve adjustments (best left to professional I'd think)?

    Thanks for your help!

    M3Driver guest

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    Mike Miller (of Roundel 'Tech Talk' fame) has an excellent document in which he details his "old school' maintenance. It goes into far more detail than we could here.

    Email him at 'techtalk@roundel.org'.


    Musikpro guest

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    Great Thanks!

    Autohaus guest

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    Expect to due a tune up (plugs, valve cover gasket, fuel+air filter) at 60K and replace the water pump and thermo at 60K as well.

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