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anyone try Evans coolant in an M car??

Discussion in 'E85/E86 Z4 M roadster/coupe (2006-2008)' started by 330indy1, Mar 16, 2009.

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    I am considering putting it in the M Roadster if there are no deleterious effects.

    comments anyone??

    from BavAuto.com:

    http://www.bavauto.com//assets/product_images/prod/npg .jpg

    Lifetime coolant! One of the biggest troublemakers in your BMW's cooling system is water. It can be a cause of: water pump cavitation; localized hot spots, boil-overs and vapor pockets; internal corrosion due to the inherent minerals; and oxidation of aluminum and metal. NPG+ coolant from Evans Cooling Systems is an innovative product that takes water out of the equation because it is used at full strength * you never mix it with water. NPG+ has been used in racing for years. It does not boil until 375° F, and it doesn't freeze at -40° F like a 50/50 coolant. As a result, NPG+ eliminates a number of the problems outlined above. Plus, when installed in a properly drained and sealed system, it can remain stable for 500,000 miles * you may never have to change your BMW's coolant again!
    Please note: You must completely flush the original coolant from the system before using the NPG+ Waterless Coolant

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