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Anyone here have a Eurosport Twin Screw Supercharger?

Discussion in 'Forced Induction' started by 177841, Mar 24, 2009.

    177841 guest

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    Just wanted to see if there were any Eurosport TS guys here?

    jbpeacock09 guest

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    97 M3 Sedan with Eurosport Twinscrew

    Great to see someone else with the kit! I have a 1997 M3 sedan with the Eurosport Twinscrew supercharger kit. I got one of the first kits in late 2005. The kit now has over 20,000 miles and has shown excellent reliability. It is the nicest kit I have ever seen, extremely well engineered, with only a few "bugs" that I have created "fixes" for (intercooler coolant reservoir issues, supercharger case breather blowing oil into intake, etc). What has been your experience? I have a tip for you... if you have many miles on your kit, check the supercharger bypass valve is working. Mine went bad within 10k miles, but it is a cheap part and easy to replace.


    288675 guest

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    Good to hear about it's reliability, etc.
    I am considering one for my '06 X3, and was wondering if anybody has, or knows, anyone that has installed one and can provide some feedback (before I drop 5k+! ;) ??

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