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Anyone else have an experience with Sub Par OEM parts?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by spicolte, Dec 12, 2014.


OEM Parts Quality taking a downturn?

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    spicolte Just hoping to learn something here...

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    After 12 years (2002 540iAT) with my original floor mats it was time for replacement; and really only because the velcro pads were torn off the bottom of the mats.

    I ordered a set of OEM mats from Bav Auto, and what I got, was not near the same as what I was replacing. The mats looked the same...but were much, much thinner than the identical OEM mats they were to replace. How could my 12 year old (purchased with the car) mats, be thicker still than my new OEM mats I bought to replace the originals?

    My first thought was simple, cost cutting to fatten the bottom line. Less product = less cost, which in turn equals more profit. No proof of this, but that's what it makes me feel like to be sold subpar OEM BMW parts.

    I would've never posted this if it weren't for a second part within the same time frame showing similar subpar quality. One of my rear door sun shades falled to retract. My mechanic ordered me a new one, from Germany (none in the states) and we both noticed a definite difference to the plastic surrounding the shade. Shiny, and much more smooth than the OEM that came with my car at purchase. 3 months later, it snapped in half while no one was near it, and without having received any prior damage. When this happened, coupled with the OEM mat experience, I now really began to wonder regarding OEM quality.

    Has anyone else noticed a downturn in quality of OEM parts from BMW? I'd like to think I've just experienced a fluke (well...at least with the shade. The mats were obviously thinner!).



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