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Allsher Interiors Review

Discussion in 'E36 M3 (1995-1999)' started by Arthur B Fisch, Aug 9, 2011.

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    Arthur B Fisch

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    Restoration of a 95 M3(neglected but not beaten up) started appoximately 5 years ago. This is a review of the 4 interior panels performed by Allsher Interiors. This is just my opinion as others may have had a different experience.

    This 95 M3 was bought from another soldier at the base I am stationed. The interior panels, vinyl, were bubbling and delaminating. I attempted to make the repair corrections but it was substandard. Allsher Interiors contacted me I think sometime in the beginning of the year(FEB 2011) in which they were attempting to have a "group buy" for BMW CCA. The price charged for the group buy, was $499, one hundred dollars off of the advertised price. I found it reasonable. They promised to use BMW leather and had good experience performing this technically difficult reupholster and repair job.

    PROs: Excellent leather materials as promised...Co-owners are very knowlegeable, articulate, and are owners of the model themselves.....Good instructions on shipping.........Relatively good, not great communication during the process. Corrective actions on initial mistakes taken to correct defective workmanship with free shipping back and forth to them(they care about their name and work). Offered a custom color and sent pics of that color before purchase. Excellent salesmanship.

    CONs: Took way too long(started in Feb 2011, ended July 2011). Received panels is less than satifactory condition with the inserts unglued on rear quarter panels(1st time).....Prepayment seems to be a disincentive for a timely, not rushed order. A group buy on this type of work is probably not a good idea. Custom insert color did not match exactly the pics but was nice. Next time, a swatch would be a better way to go....Cutout on the passengar side door latch was too big and no way to adjust other than making custom gaskets for the plastic surrounds(mistake, not big, but mistake). Commo tailed off toward the end as it was probably not worth their while.

    OVERALL: 3 out of 5 stars. Better than I could do for sure. But not as expected even when returned a second time. Alot of hassles for a job that should have been cleaner. Others may have had a better outcome. They may fine tune their business in the future. . Not sure if I would do it again. Just not sure.

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    Have you got the ability to get in touch with the men who operate Allsher? They have had my panels for over 4 months, and the last 2 months I have been unable to get any response form them through the sales@allsherinteriors.com email address, which is the only manner of communication I have to try and get in touch with them. Thanks.

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