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Alarm Problem?

Discussion in 'E46 (1999-2006)' started by snikwad, Apr 21, 2008.

    snikwad guest

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    So today i took my car to get a steering tie arm put on and 4 wheel alignment.
    well my car has a Clifford Intelliguard alarm system. and i guess i had armed it when i left, but the dude couldnt get the car going, he was in it, but the car wouldnt start and the alarm kept going off.
    i dont know what buttons he pressed or anything but i eventually went out there and disarmed it, he did the job and i was good.

    later on, im not sure if it was like this when i got in it the 1st time, but i noticed my car didnt chirp to arm and disarm like it normally does, then i noticed that my doors werent being unlocked manually when i pulled the key out of the ignition, then when i disarm, it didnt open all doors, but only the driver door, i was like wtf, eventually i see that the little "clown nose" on my rear view mirror, was no longer flashing but it was just constantly lit.
    even while im on the car, driving, it would stay lit.

    All other functions returned to normal with the exception of the chirp and the "clown nose"
    i tried the key on, engine off for 20 seconds thing, that a tech buddy suggested. i even disconnected the negative battery terminal and its still stayed lit.

    now, the doors unlock upon key removal, the doors unlock upon disarming like it used to. but no chirp for arm or disarm. nothing,

    My question is, is the constantly lit clown nose an indication of something being wrong, is it something with the factory alarm? im still researching to see if i can reset the clifford alarm, but what does the constantly lit light mean, its annoying especially at night.

    Oh BTW, Michelin Pilot Sports FTMFW, i was a little upset and i drove thruough some heavy rains on the hwy at a pretty good clip. those tires are ROCK SOLID in the wet.
    the ol time favorite is now a favorite again.

    snikwad guest

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    Well I reactivated the alarm. The guy somehow put it in valet mode.

    Now I have a different problem.

    My factory door key doesn't lock and unlock the doors. It does it sometimes, but not all the time. And when I kill the engine and remove the key, it no longer pops the locks, it does it sometimes, but not all the time. And when it doesn't do it, u can't open the doors with the lock/unlock button on the center console either.

    Wtf gives? The users manual for the alarm makes no damn sense either.
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    let us know what the shop name is....

    at least we'll know where not to go:eek:

    snikwad guest

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    cant do that, his alignment work is impeccable.

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