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air filters

Discussion in 'E63 M6 coupe (2006-present), E64 M6 convertible (2' started by rixbmw, Aug 16, 2015.

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    Can anyone tell me if changing to high performance air filters will help with performance. Also, is there any performance software available for the V10 M6 engine
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    Yes different air filters can help but not that much like 1 to 2 hp. To really get a better effect on the air intake side you need a cold air intake. Cold air is more dense and promotes better combustion and more power from a good intake you can get 8 to 10 hp. There is software out there by many companies such as DINAN, ESS tuning to name a couple.
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    Like most all modern BMWs, your M6 already has a cold air intake including that it's inlet is in the high static pressure zone behind the grill in front of the car. The easiest change to make for a US model E6x M5/M6 is to remove the charcoal filters in the top of each airbox (main filter boxes). Here is a good write up on the procedure which is very easy:


    See the M5board/M6board for vast quantities of further information.

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