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Age old question

Discussion in 'E36/8 Z3 M coupe (1998-2003)' started by Joey Syracuse, Jun 2, 2013.

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    Joey Syracuse

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    Hi everyone, not many posts here recently. But the dilemma I'm looking at which many of you have is the upgrade versus buy newer. I use my coupe at HPDE and it could use a new clutch, suspension and shift linkage. So do that work or look at an e46 m3? Any opinions or thoughts. I'd mostly use it for track days. Thanks hope everyone is ok?

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    Well that depends if you really like how your car does during the track days or you want something different. Personally I would upgrade the Z3 because you could have the similar issues with the E46 M3 and those upgrades cost even more than your current car. But if do decide to go with the M3 don't get a SMG those have a lot of issues and are very expensive.
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    steven s

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    Never driven either but at least somewhat familiar with the Coupe's suspension.
    You'll be faster with the M3 but I think the M Coupe is be more fun.
    I'd upgrade. At least you know it's history.

    Problem with the shift linkage?
    Does the shift lever not return to the proper position?
    I needed to have my detent spring replaced. Solved that problem.

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