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Aftermarket Intakes?

Discussion in 'F30 (2012-present)' started by thatryan, Jun 2, 2015.

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    Is there any benefit to these? I have been reading a bunch and tossing idea between the new Dinan "cold air" intake and the AFE Momentum.

    I have the MPPK on my car, so would not want to mess up anything related there, but I have also read that its airbox is a bit restricted...would be nice to give more air flow, and a little sound bump never hurt ;)

    What are your thoughts?

    Thank you.
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    Maybe Charlson can pipe-in here on specifics - I don't know the specific components involved, a quick look at the MPPK description mentions an upgraded air-intake system. You'd have to compare specific components, although my uninformed guess is with the MPPK, you may well likely already have the majority of performance benefit that a cold-air intake system might yield. I think the typical concept for cai's is making sure the air intake is drawing in cold air more isolated from the hot underhood area, plus perhaps a bit more volume and flow, possibly using less-restrictive air filters. There are camps that argue against non-stock air filters, on the idea they don't filter as well as stock filters, and the performance gains are nominal enough that it's not worth it, but, cai's are also popular-enough options. I'd compare exactly what the intake part of the MPPK is to see if a cai might add anything meaningful.
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    Those both intakes you mentioned are very good. The AFE does sound better in my opinion, just dry to get one with a dry filter the oils in other filters can sometimes damage the mass airflow sensor so do watch out for that since that would be covered under warranty. Of course these don't give you 20 hp like some people say they do. More like 5 hp but the sound and when used with a tuner it makes the purchase worth it.

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