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Advice on new clutch for 2002 M5

Discussion in 'E39 M5 (2000-2003)' started by 335 4ME, Nov 25, 2008.

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    335 4ME

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    The current clutch is for 540 and seems to always burn out. Any advice on a good replacement that is a solid, reliable quality replacement. A more heavy duty clutch that can handle spirited driving but will still have light pedal action feel?

    Mbrother guest

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    You have a few options UUC V12 clutch, CNS clutch or Dinan (which is obviously the most expensive). You should go to the M5board.com and do a search to see what others have used and their experinces.

    BlueMajik guest

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    Try UUC or Rogue

    Glen Sprouse guest

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    How about the 2003?

    Would this advice be the same for the 2003 M5? There seem to be some differences between earlier models and the 2003 model in other areas. Mine has 51K miles on it and is showing a lot of slippage on power shifts into gears above 2nd (it never locks up unless I really back off).

    Mbrother guest

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    There were differences through the years on E39 M5s but to the best of my knowledge the clutch wasn't updgraded/changed in the later years.
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    Remove the clutch delay valve when replacing the clutch. This will help with clutch life and driveability in traffic.
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    There is no clutch delay valve in the E39 M5. The Z8 got one, but the M5 lucked out.

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