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Adaptive headlights all of a sudden an issue

Discussion in 'E60 (2004-2010)' started by jonathonlorek, Oct 8, 2008.

    jonathonlorek guest

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    I think i have a problem with my Adaptive Zenons on my 04 530i. I see the green light is flashing when the lights are on and according to the manual that means there is a problem with the system.

    The headlights were moving left/right just fine then last week the light started flashing and they stopped moving. Then after a couple days the light stopped blinking and they were fine. Now this week they are back flashing again.

    I apologize if i'm posting in the wrong spot. Point me in the right direction if i am.

    Is there any way to trouble shoot this myself?

    TMQ guest

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    I think it's best to take this to the dealer - are you still in the warranty period?

    jonathonlorek guest

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    i wish...

    nope, warranty ended in april.
    • Member


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    You might still want to check with the Service Manager at your dealership. They might be willing to do a good will repair.


    Bluestar guest

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    Ya never know

    Your problem could (have been) be with the warning light.

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