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ABS/DSC/BRAKE Lights Intermittent

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by Zannino, Sep 22, 2011.

    Zannino guest

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    Hey guys,

    Hopefully someone can give me some advice, but from posting on another forum it looks like I'm S.O.L.... My 2007 e90 335i just got out of warranty (53k miles now) and I have been getting persistant ABS/DTC/BRAKE lights on the dash. The associated systems also cut out when the lights are on. The strange thing is that the lights go off when it is damp or raining out.

    I have two codes stored in the DSC ecu:

    5df0 - pump unit faulty
    5df1 - pump unit plug faulty

    I have been informed from BMW that the DSC/ABS control unit needs to be replaced, which is an $1800 job. They are willing to split it 50/50, and that is nice of them, but I was really hoping they would just cover the whole job. The parts are on order and I am waiting to go in for service.

    Has anyone seen this issue or have any advice on how to handle it better? I called BMWNA and they basically told me to take a hike, and ask the shop manager for help.
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    This is an older thread, but my '07 328 with 42,000 miles exhibits the same problem. My ABS/DTC/BRAKE lights on the dash have been cycling on and off over the last couple of weeks. The dealer wants to replace the DSC Hydraulic unit for about $2000. My concern is of course, the cost, but also the intermittent nature of the problem. I don't want to replace this unit only to find out something else is causing the problem. Is this a normal failure characteristic of the DSC unit?
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    Wish I had some insight, hopefully somebody does - keep us updated on what you find out!
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    steven s

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    And they can't read codes?

    Do you have run flats and if so is the run flat sensor triggered by a wheel sensor?
    I wonder if it's an ABS sensor?
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    Yes if you can get your faults from the dealer that can help us point you in the right direction for the repair.
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    I had this also happen, tuned it to be a wheel speed sensor lol! Simple 15 min fix

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