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A word to the wise..

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by drummerfc, Nov 4, 2011.

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    [IMG] When going to a sporting event, and you park your BMW outside the arena, and you use the 4-digit code function within your car's on-board computer to lock your engine, do youself a really big favor...REMEMBER YOUR CODE!!!
    Last night - went to a Flyers-Devils hockey game in Philly. Turned off my car, set (what I THOUGHT was) the usual 4-digit code to lock down the engine (we were running late so I may have messed up the order of the numbers), locked the car, and proceeded towards the arena. Game ends, I walk out to my car, enter the 4-digit code, presss "Set", and.....nothing. Tried it again...NOTHING. Tried it a 3rd time....you know how it went. I think once you try it 3 times, it locks you out and you're screwed.
    D'OHHHHHHH!!! Middle-age (middle??) just sucks. Or maybe I'm just a BIG-L LOSER! [IMG]
    However, should you be in my situation, and you forget your code or you lock yourself out and just can't seem to reset the gol-darned thing, here's what you do to get out of this situation and back on the road home:
    1. Disconnect your battery (THANK YOU BMW for putting those little tools in my trunk lid!!!)
    2. Reconnect said battery
    3. Turn the key to one of the "on" positions.
    4. Your clock should begin a countdown from 10:00 (10 mins)
    5. Once the clock reaches 0:00, start your car!
    Word to the wise...
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    I had to do that once - I think the E30 just reset once the battery was unhooked, no delay. I wonder what happens on the new cars when you unhook the battery with that whole battery registration thing - do the new cars have the code function the old OBC's had?

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