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A truly embarassing D'OH! moment... ;-P

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by drummerfc, Jul 26, 2011.

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    OK...I take full and complete reponsibility for the following situation: Got the E39'er in for some service...oil change, some other odds and ends, brake check. Mechanic calls me yesterday to inform me that while road-testing the car after the repairs, a cop pulls my car over and informs him that my REGISTRATION is EXPIRED...
    D'OHHHH! [IMG] [IMG]
    I knew it was up for renewal soon but thought I'd still had some time. Needless to say I was completely apologetic but wondered why the cops pulled him over in the first place...did he not signal a turn, did something else happen while he was driving my car? NOPE...apparently, they can simply at random, run your plates to do a doc check on your car (is reg current or not). HUH???? Ya learn something new evvery day...
    Well - thankfully the officer didn't give the mechanic (or me for that matter) a citation...just a "friendly" reminder to renew the registration ASAP...which I took care of first think in the morning on-line!
    Now...where did I put that mortgage statement?? [IMG]
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    Since most cop cars anymore

    Since most cop cars anymore basically have pc's tied into their state/county DMV & criminal info databases, police will routinely run plates of cars they see. Not sure about your state - here in Ohio, the registration stickers have a color corresponding to the year with the expiration month printed in pretty large size. If your state's similar and you're past of your registration month, it wouldn't be hard for a cop to see that. Big Brother is watching... ;-) (particularly if your area has red light/intersection cameras, photo speed enforcement, etc.. never mind all the security cameras, etc).
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    Similar here in Michigan, where we have a colored sticker in the upper right corner...except there are an amazing number of people who cannot find the upper right corner and put the sticker any old place. Upper left, center of plate, below the previous sticker, etc.

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