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'96 318is compatible with DME from a '97?

Discussion in 'E36 (1992-1999)' started by jbgrant, Aug 13, 2009.

    jbgrant guest

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    '96 318is compatible with DME from a '97? Engine computer upgrades for m44

    I am looking to upgrade to a Dinan programmed DME from a 97 318is. The part numbers appear different from a '96, anyone know if it is compatible? How much does DME alignment cost (and was does it do?). Anyone suggest an alternative route of getting the DME reprogrammed without paying premium?

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    A picture is attached.

    Thank you.


    It doesn't sound like anybody with relevant DME knowledge has discovered my question yet. Anybody have any DME performance suggestions? Anybody have their DME (engine computer) reprogrammed on an M44 motor (Dinan, shark, etc)? How are the results?

    rnovinger guest

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    DME Blues

    I don't think the dme is compatible.I say this because 1996 was the last year for OBD I emissions controls, and 1997 was the first year for OBD II emissions controls. I sold a 97 M3 motor to another instructor (after a crash at gingerman raceway). I know that he had to have extensive electronics work done to use the motor. My advice is find an independent BMW service garage and get their advice.
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    It was my understanding that '95 was the last year for OBD-I. I make note of this because in '96, 318i models received an M44 engine, which is OBD-II, as opposed to the M42 that '95 and below had (OBD-I). This also applies to the 6-cylinder models: 95' and below was the S50 (OBD-I) [M3] and the M50 (OBD-I) [325i] and 96' and above was S52 (OBD-II) [M3] and M52 (OBD-II) [328i].
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    It should be compatible, but you will need to have the DME realigned with the EWS. That will require a dealer or an indy shop that has an Autologic or GT1. That will cost a minimum of $100. The alignment tells the replacement computer and tock antitheft system that it is OK to run the car. This prevents you stealing a car by using your own DME or EWS computers.

    rnovinger guest

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    I stand corrected. Sorry if I gave wrong information.

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