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94 325i Running Rough

Discussion in 'E36 (1992-1999)' started by jgreve, Apr 13, 2010.

    jgreve guest

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    Can anyone help diagnose this? My 94 325i runs fine when it is cold out and the engine is cold. When it is warm out or the engine is warm, it runs horribly. It studders when you give it any more than the slightest bit of pedal. It doesn't stall, it just slowly accelerates studdering along. The car is high miles so I don't want to put a bunch of money into trying to figure out the problem. I'm hoping it's something common that has a definite solution. Help is appreciated. Thanks!

    JC3Series guest

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    hmmm, I had owned a mustang before my bimmer, And that would happen to me when either the coil plugs/spark plug wires or spark plugs were junk or dieing. Cant' say that is your problem but give that a shot. I know they sell a tester "almost looks like a spark plug for wires, etc." That is pretty cheap. That would be my own guess :) hope it helps

    SuperBimmer guest

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    The early e36's have coil problems. This sounds like one of those problems. I would also check the plugs and see what they look like.

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