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92 535i Cruise Control

Discussion in 'E34 (1989-1995)' started by rjwilson5, Apr 18, 2008.

    rjwilson5 guest

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    I just purchased a 92 535i in good condition. I cannot initialize the cruise control - the manual does not state how to "turn it on" - only how to adjust your speed, etc. Any hints would be appreciated.

    carlos535i guest

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    Check these Two Things...

    1. To turn on the cruise the control, make sure you are traveling above 35 MPH, and then push the cruise control lever forward for about 3 seconds- "accel". Let go of the lever and the cruise control takes over.;)
    2. If the cruise control does not engage, then there is a problem with the switch that controls the cruise control at the pedals. I have a "manual" transmission on my 535i and the switch for my car resides at the clutch pedal. If you have an "automatic" then the switch should reside at your brake pedal.

    Start there and for specific info on your car, you can visit these other useful sites, especially if you're looking for parts:

    Be well.

    eightynine535 guest

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    You stated you just bought you car??

    well I hope in your case the PO was not a cheap B$%^&*!!! and did not do proper maintenance like change fuses. So check the fuses and relays pertaining to the cruise control if you have not done this already.

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