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89 535i 5spd 194,000

Discussion in 'E34 (1989-1995)' started by OBOIST, Jul 2, 2010.

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    My CA 535i has arrived with following work completed -
    Inspct 1 & 2 consistent. At 172,000 dis & reassembled DME Control Unit, inspect EPROM Dinan C 1992, 176,000 Inspect II chk hunting idle speed after cold start, replace control valve, 185,000 stumble diagnosis, 188,000 engine stalling @ idle CEL con service replace ignition coil, 189,000 stumble at idle, 193,732 replace DME control with rebuilt, and 193,860 hicup @ idle, replaced switch throttle position and Dinan Perf chip. At 172,000 head work complete by Dinan DME control - Idle Control Valve. Compression 195/195/200/195/195/200
    At 193,860 when shipped, Bav Pros replaced Switch Throttle Position and didn't have any hicup at idle for three days prior to shipping.
    Daily, either from cold or warm the idle hicups. Never stalls out but rpm's lower significantly and are erratic with CEL light flashing rapidly.
    Anyone with similar experience?? We should talk or message. The car is awesome but the idle is embarrassing. No hesitation ever after underway.
    Much thanks for any input - Frank

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    hmmm I'll look into it more after I wake up.
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    The 3.5 M30 is well known for having a lumpy idle. Deal with it. The only thing you'll accomplish by messing with it is screwing up the engine's performance at some other rpm.

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