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87 325i convertible

Discussion in 'E30 (1984-1993)' started by Paul the German, Sep 3, 2008.

    Paul the German guest

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    I found a really clean 87 325i automatic convetible with automatic tranny. it has the m3 red leather seats with 79,000 miles and just had timing belt changed. owner asking 6900.00. Is this reasonable?
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    Hello, I think they are in the ball park if it is a really clean example. All maintenance records, good paint, good leather, etc. The cabrios came with seats that look like M3 seats. The back seat is different and the only real difference on the fronts is the that the release to get into the back seat is not has high as it is on the rest of the E30 range. I would suggest having an independent BMW mechanic take a look at it before purchase. Sounds like a great find! :D

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    Brian A

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    Here is another thread regarding things to consider before making the acquistion:

    With old cars, "reasonable price" is always a tough call. E30 convertibles are cool cars. The price you found is in the ballpark for a nice 2002, E30 or E36. Its easy to rack up several thousand dollars of costs for a not-nice car; conversely one in good shape is worth lots more than one in crappy shape. If you like the car and the car checks out, then it can only be your call if its "worth it."

    Best wishes.
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    Dude. That's awesome. Welcome to the Cabrio club!
    What's the exterior color?

    SFaikel guest

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    I think my girlfriend paid about $7500 for an '89 with a little less miles. If it runs good and all I'd buy it, but if he isn't in a hurry to sell (meaning there arn't 5 people comming to look at it every day) take it to a mechanic and have them do compression tests/general inspection.

    desertVert guest

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    With miles that low, it could be worth it. Definitely have a mechanic look at if you can, especially if the records are sketchy.

    And then post pictures when you drive her home ;)

    JayM guest

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    I paid $7k for mine with 80k miles (130k km), with 5 spd and hard top. It had an engine swap (due to lack of understanding about timing belts) at about 60k miles, and an accident that I didn't find evidence of 'till I did a plastic bumper swap. But overall it's 99% rust free, with perfect interior, and I think the price was fair.
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    Yeah, I guess I'll give my two cents on the price comparo--paid $3k for my '87 with around 116,000 on the clock. 5-speed, brand new replacement top and freshly upholstered driver's seat. Southern California transplant into PA, so same, 99% rust-free (only hints are just beneath license plate light seals--might wanna check that area...). Always well-maintained, but a fair share of cosmo damages. Not bad at all, though.

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