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'81 633 Throttle Body Help

Discussion in 'E24 (1977-1989)' started by martinbures, Jul 19, 2016.

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    I came into a 633 that needs a little work. It is an 01-1981 production.

    In going through it, I have discovered that the throttle sticks open and it seems to get worse as the vehicle heats up. Troubleshooting leads back to the throttle body.

    As I understand it, the body itself is not rebuildable and I need a new one. I called bavarian auto and they say that they can only source an 08-1981 version - the match for my car is not available. Reading the shop manual, there is an '82 changepoint where the throttle went from a pushrod linkage to a cable so I am not sure if that is what this 08-1981 represents.

    So my questions are:
    1 - Is there somewhere I can get the throttle body for mine that I don't know about?
    2 - Is it likely that the newer version is compatible and I may just need to change the accelerator linkage?
    3 - Is there somebody out there that I can send this thing to for a rebuild?

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    Lookin' @ realoem.com...


    Clicking the part number, the cross reference says 9/77-9/84...


    And clicking that, says US 633's....


    as to #1, what are the places you've checked for parts sourcing?

    #2 - speculating, but, you'd have to wonder how much difference would be between any of the TB's on US bimmers w/ the M30B32... kinda looks like the realoem.com pic for a 533 is the same as the E24...



    I wouldn't be surprised if the throttle-linkage attachment brackets could be swapped, but without the experience of knowing those parts inside-out, can't say anything definitive. (ask Mike Miller?)

    Before opting for a rebuild (don't know what to suggest on that front - in the past, Korman sold bored-out throttle-bodies for E30's), I'd try what I could to absolutely isolate that it has to be rebuilt. Not sure what would be the best way to clean it, but presumably a soak and not-damagingly-abrasive scrub in the right type of solvent bath to make sure any and all oil/gas buildup/shellac, and having it in your hands to check flap motion, actuation, freeness of motion, etc., and also check the pedal and/or cable isn't hitching or sticking, and anything relevant up through the connections to the throttle body. If you've already gotten it down to the TB absolutely being the culprit, then you're back to sourcing one. The parts diagrams show a switch on the TB, might be worth pulling that to make sure it's not hitching anything up (on the assumption the switch might be able to hitch things up)


    There is a lot of expertise on mye28.com, might be worth asking there.
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    Ok - A small update.

    Spoke with Bavarian Auto and discussed the available throttle body. They said that it would not fit my car. I need one from 1980-1981. The one available works with a DME - not L-Jetronic. I called a few other places and got the same response. I additionally checked ebay and a BMW auto recycler but they had nothing.

    I additionally spoke with Korman and we had a very nice talk. The outcome of the talk is that my hopes are not high but I will send my TB to them to see if they can rebuild it. Many of the attaching components - springs, etc are also not available so this has suddenly turned into a rather complicated project.

    Additionally, Korman had a similar suggestion of the 533 TB as a possibility - a make-it-fit option. I am starting to look into that.


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