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740iL (1997)

Discussion in 'E38 (1995-2001)' started by DJAC, Apr 24, 2008.

    DJAC guest

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    Hi, my name is Dave and I'm new to the club -- have owned my 740iL for six years and it's been good on service, I think, though I've replaced a dashboard, tie rods (twice, including just recently) and am looking at stuff that seems routine for a vehicle at ~150k miles. Can anyone tell me their experiences with this model and year? What are the general problems and challenges I should expect? I love the car and am planning on running it for many years to come. Any advice on how to do it (for a car lover, not a mechanically-apt driver) would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks much in advance.


    Autohaus guest

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    Welcome aboard! Make sure that the cooling system has newer parts (ie water pump, thermostat, radiator, hoses, fan clutch, etc...) These parts (water pump, thermostat) should be changed around 60,000 intervals. I have read that hoses could go up to 150K miles, but I stick to changing them at 60K miles. Radiator and fan clutch should be replaced at 90,000 intervals. At your mileage, has your driveshaft been replaced? Have you changed the differential fluid and transmission fluid? If you haven't changed your tranny fluid, I would say just leave it alone if it is shifting perfectly fine, unless you have been changing it at 30K mile intervals. You should, however, change the differential fluid with Redline if you don't remember if/when it has been changed. You might have to replaced the self leveling suspension which will be expen$ive when due for a replacement. You should opt to get bilstien shocks and aftermarket springs as they will be far cheaper. Full tune up should be done at 60K mile intervals as well. Hope this helps....

    eaglestrike guest

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    I would change the transmission fluid and filter ASAP. I have read enough posts about trans problems and I had my trans go out around 150,000. I did not have any symptoms, it just went out. I would also check for loose bolts in the oil sump. Checking the oil sump is a cheap inspection but a very expensive repair if the bolts come loose.
    A good resource for E38 issues and upgrades is www.e38.org.

    Hope this helps.

    DJAC guest

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    Servicing a 97 740iL

    Thanks for the great feedback, and especially the website on E38!

    Gatsby740iL guest

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    Hello Dave and Welcome To BMW CCA and Our Forums!

    I would also have a look at BimmerForums.com, RealOEM.com, and BimmerBoard.com as other sources of reference.

    I am a big believer in preventative maintenance and while the cooling system, for example, is a biggie for our cars.. I wouldn't necessarily go throwing parts at her before you have to. When you start getting Coolant Level/Temp Warnings then I'd look into replacing the radiator, thermostat and housing (if need be), expansion tank, fan clutch, valley pan gasket, valve cover gaskets, etc etc. If you have the time and extra money then by all means go ahead and replace them now.. but, as is said, "If It Ain't Broke.. Don't Fix It!" I've also never heard of replacing the driveshaft (as preventative maintenance) so that's a new one for me that I'd look in to before doing.

    You can check your fan clutch by simply trying to spin it by hand. If it turns without resistance then it's time for a change... but if you feel resistance then leave her be for now. Remember too, when removing the old one, that the bolt holding her down is a counter-clockwise turn to loosen. And remember too... especially with spark plugs or valve cover bolts... "Snug Is Tight.. And Tight Is Broke!".. so be sure and check the torque specs for each!

    Good Luck and Keep Us Posted!

    -Gatsby :cool:

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