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73 2002 on Maui - Aloha!

Discussion in 'Member Introductions' started by hanaleil, Apr 4, 2008.

    hanaleil guest

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    Bought my 2002 a year ago. Found and fixed many electrical and mechanical issues. Have been driving it for 3 weeks now and tickled to death. Too much fun! I have owned a few BMWs in the past and had forgotten just what it was all about.
    I have my current running pretty well. Certainly reliable, but it is an automatic and I can't stand the limits that puts on me. I am currently tracking down a 320i for a transmission swap. I am also building a motor that will hopefully add to my driving pleasure. This is where I need major direction. I have restored many vintage motorcycles and cars but have never made any engine modifications other than bolt ons.
    I am starting with two engines that I picked up. One I was told came from a TII but the engine numbers on the block do not jive with the reference material I have found on the net. It has a Dr Shrick cam in it with sb4 293 on it. I have not been able to cross reference the exact numbers. It also seems to have different intake/ exhaust valves and springs than the engine in my 73. The pistons are pop up and marked 89.47 .045 made in germany. I have found oversize pistons labeled 89.47 but they are listed as .050 over? I am confused at what exactly I have to start with and where I need to go. I want to do this right from the beginning and would appreciate any suggestions on reference material or insight. Looking forward to meeting up the members on Maui.
    P.S. I let my wife drive the 73 to work the other night and I can't get it back. I may have to try and find another one.
    Aloha, Gary

    morea3ic guest

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    It's been too long in coming - but I'd like to say welcome!

    Congrats on the 02, & . . . . . . . . living in Hawaii !

    Come on back & jump on in . . . .
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    Hey Gary, like Morea3ic said, come on back and join the fun!

    I've got a Schrick 292 cam in my '02 but I've never heard of a 293? The pistons you are describing sound like the high-compression (9.5:1) oversized by .045 which is also exactly what I'm running on mine. The valves and springs may have been changed to compliment the cam and hi-comp pistons. Sounds to me like you've got a great package to work with!

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