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6 Series (E63/E64, 2004-on) background

Discussion in 'E63/E64 (2004-2010)' started by Bill Howard, Dec 8, 2007.

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    Bill Howard

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    Burned by its mixed experience with the handsome and complex 8 Series (1989-99), BMW licked its wounds for five years, then resurrected the 6 Series nameplate that served it so well with the first generation E24 6 Series from 1977-89. The current E63 coupe and E64 convertible, introduced beginning in 2004, have been solid low-volume sellers, each year delivering an additional 8,000 to 10,000 sales. These are what you might call the most practical of impractical cars. Priced at $76,375 and up, they're capable performers even if they don't win many road tests. But the rear seats are actually usable for an hour or two and the trunk easily holds weekend luggage and golf clubs for most couples.

    Here is 2008 pricing:

    650i Coupe ........... $76,375
    650i Convertible ..... $83,475
    M6 Coupe ............ $100,075
    M6 Convertible .......$105,875

    Sales peaked at just under 10,000 units in 2005, the car's first full year on the market, and now are down about 10% from the peak. Convertibles represent the majority of 6 Series sales.

    2007 ..... 8,871
    2006 ..... 9,322
    2005 ..... 9,934
    2004 ..... 8,198

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    mwdegler guest

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    Vegas Logistics

    Hey Bill, Shipping my droptop 650 from Chicago to Vegas in Feb 2010. How would I find a Member, that would have logistic capability to receive door to door transport in LV area. They would also need to keep it for a couple of days till my arrival?....any thoughts?

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