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528e starter issues (in an E30 325es chassis)

Discussion in 'E28 (1982-1988)' started by racerexs, Jul 15, 2009.

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    (This is also posted in E30 forum, but since it's an E28 motor, I thought I'd try here, too)

    Having some issues with a starter motor in an eta engine. The engine is reportedly from a 528e, but year is unknown. Engine number is 2163 6126, which we decoded as being an M20, with a 163 serial number, built in Steyr, Austria on production day 126. No other numbers visible in regular locations.

    Have tried three different starters, including two 1.1 kws and a 1.4 kw, but each seem to produce the same results -- a high-pitched noise and an intermittent start.

    1) Would like to know what year engine is. Is there any way to tell from the engine number above?

    2) Anyone experienced this problem before, and if so, what was solution?

    My worry is that there is another starter for, say, an earlier model which we haven't yet tried. Other possibility is that we have it mounted incorrectly. Or any number of other things we haven't thought of.

    Any help is truly appreciated. I'm hoping to purchase this car from another club member and we need to get this sorted out.

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    Any M20 starter will work on that car. Possible that you don't have it mounted correctly, but unlikely. If the starter itself always seems to engage and spin properly, it is likely not the cause of your problem. Are you sure that the starter solenoid always moves the gear out properly? If so, it is possible that the flywheel ring gear has missing teeth. If a different starter does not work, put the car up, remove the flywheel cover and inspect the ring gear while turning the motor by hand.

    racerexs guest

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    Thanks Paul, I will pass the information along. I appreciate the advice.

    kind regards,

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