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435i M Sport - initial reactions

Discussion in 'F32 (2013-present)' started by rogerswt, Nov 4, 2014.

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    I've had my 2014 435i M Sport about two weeks now. I was looking for a fun to drive, daily driver that wouldn't beat me up. After looking at a wide variety of cars ranging from the 911 (silly expensive) to the Corvette (gorgeous, but tiring) to the Z4 (too small for a daily driver), I settled on the 4 series. The 428 was nice, but the 300HP of the 435 beckoned. I have the 6 speed manual, upgraded 19" wheels with summer run flats, and the technology package (the HUD is great fun!) ... in classic Alpine White with a black leather interior.

    This is a fantastic car. Beautifully styled, extremely competent and lively to drive, yet very comfortable. The 6 speed manual is a blast. I considered the M4 just for the DCT alone, which I drove in the M3 last Spring at M School. In the end, I realized that - short of the track - there is no where I can drive the M4 the way is designed to be driven. So I passed and went for the next best thing. No regrets ... with 300HP in a 3600 pound car, I feel like I have 90% of the M4's fun quotient in a more practical package.

    BTW, I highly recommend attending the two day M School in Spartanburg. You get to drive the M3, M5, and M6 on a closed track with lots of wheel time. It's a kick, and will also make you a better driver. Apparently, a high percentage of M School attendees buy a BMW within one year, so be prepared! :)
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    Sweet car, congrats! Welcome to the club & forums! Your local chapter may well run driver's schools at tracks in your area yielding the opportunity to get some more track time under your belt in your own car, details on driver's schools should be on your chapter website - it is fun!

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