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335i Rough Ride

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by 391075, Jun 4, 2010.

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    I am in the market to a buy a gently used E90 or 2011 335i convertible. While I have yet to drive one, the general comments are that one can expect a very rough ride when equipped with sports suspension and low profile 18inch OEM wheels. Any opinions from current owners ?? Comments much appreciated.

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    I don't know how different the convertible would be from the sedan but having driven my mom's 335i sedan (with the sport package) I can assure you that the ride is just fine. It's much smoother than my 330Ci and I would assume that if you would swap the crappy RFT tires for conventional tires, the ride would improve even more.
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    I drove a number of 335i coupes before I bought mine. I thought, for Michigan roads, that the stock suspension with 17" wheels gave just the right amount of firmness and compliance. If I lived somewhere with better roads, I might have gone for the sport suspension, but not here. As it is, I've dented 2 wheels badly enough to require straightening.


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    I wouldn't consider the ride rough, but its noticeably firm. Going from my 335i with sport suspension and 18" wheels to the 535xi loaner I'm currently driving, i definitely feel the difference. Its not a bad ride though. I took a 5 hour road trip with the wife, and it was comfortable all the way.


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    Get the Sports Package, you will not regret it. I'll put whatever on it!:cool:
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    Come on, we're talking a factory fresh BMW here. There is NO BMW straight from the factory (in the US, that is) that has a ride that is jarring or uncomfortable. Get the sport package, by all means! The increased handling will more than make up for the slightly firmer ride.

    To me, a firmer ride feels more controlled. The comments you're getting about a "very rough" ride are probably from people who are used to floaty suspensions of other makes, or from the more compliant suspensions of bigger Bimmers. The ride of a 335i with sport package is by no means rough, but it's easy to mistake it as "rough" in comparison to another vehicle designed for luxury and not handling. What I'm saying is that just because it's a firmer ride than they're used to doesn't mean that it's a rough ride.

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