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330 ci sport bumper scrapes and scratches

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by kmathews, Aug 21, 2008.

    kmathews guest

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    Hello Experts

    I'm wondering if anyone can help me to find a solution to scrapes that are occurring to the underside and front underside of my 2006 330 ci front sport bumper. The low clearance causes us to scrape curbs but also road bumps can bottom out on it. Wouldn't be so bad if you couldn't see it, but the scrapes are visible when facing the car.

    Is there something that I can do to protect it as I think just being careful will not work. It would be nice if there was some kind of protection that can be installed.

    Thanks for the tip


    ripster guest

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    front bumper

    Kman, I can't give you any tip, but one thing to remember, and I mention it because it happened to my front bumper. You are right about catching curbs, I caught a curb pulling into a parking space, when backing up the lower part of the bumper was pulled outward then it snapped back, what I didn't realize was that I was also pulling the inside of the wheelwell apart. There are several interlocking plastic components protecting the inside of the wheelwell from road debris. As I was driving down I-95 at a fairly high rate of speed, the interlocked plastic components started unlocking, one piece wedged against the inside edge of the tire. Shredded the tire, damaged the wheelwell and was an overall mess. I called Progressive and told them I thought I must have hit some road debris, thats all I could figure at the time. $1200 dollars later I had a new bumper fareing, tire and wheel well assembly. The next time I caught a curb is when I realized what had happened earlier. I put the car in nutral and lifted the front enough to roll backward without pulling the bumper/faring. My tip to you is what I always do now, back the car into any parking space you are not familar with. Or make sure you stop well short of the curb. And learn from my expensive mistake.

    droptop and see ya in the left lane,


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