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328i fuel smell after fill up

Discussion in 'BMW' started by ebmallen, Nov 2, 2008.

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    We are having a strong fuel smell problem with a 328i after fuel fill-up. If the vehicle is run about 50-60 miles and the tank is down accordingly the smell is non-existant. A local shop checked the evap. system, replaced the filler cap, replaced the left fuel sending unit gasket; replaced the evap. system purge valve. The fuel smell still remains...and it is very strong. Lines and fittings have been checked and there is no leaking visible. We assume that the problem is fuel quantity related, but we are stumped.

    Any ideas out there?
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    What year 328i?
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    Did they smoke test the evap system? Some of those lines are hard to see. There is also the possibility of the O ring gasket for the fuel pump/sender unit leaking.
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    Might get some other suggestions if the original post wasn't under the MINI tech heading.
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    If the owner can't tell a 328i from a MINI, he's got BIGGER problems.

    For sure. Plus one on this

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