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325E Vac Line & Hoses.

Discussion in 'E30 (1984-1993)' started by tonytones, Aug 14, 2018.

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    tonytones "Keep it original"

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    Is there a company that sells a complete kit to replace all Vac Lines and hoses for a 86 325E?

    Im starting to suspect some vac leaks and i want this taken care of. Will a reputable shop be able to help change all these parts out? Thank you :D
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    Any shop worth it's salt should be able to - E30's are relatively easy to work on, certainly compared to later bimmers, if you're inclined to tackle projects. The Bentley manual is a worthy purchase for d-i-y'ing. Hit up your local chapter contacts for recommendations on shops in your area. If you have a high-confidence level on the problems and fixes, then throwing money at parts ahead of confirming diagnosis is ok; if there's any question, you may want to get it checked out to confirm what you're thinking. Stuff like hoses n' what-not, I'd expect most indie shops can source those at reasonable prices with their aftermarket parts sources/system. You can use realoem.com to look up parts numbers - check bavauto.com, and if it's special order, then either it's something not commonly sold & kept stocked, or, more-likely, they have to get it from a dealer as a special order, in which case you're better off getting it yourself from a dealer who offers a discount to 'CCA members. Bimmerworld.com, autohausaz.com, rockauto.com, or google parts numbers. A good thing about Bavauto is their long experience w/ BMW's, so they're pretty well fleshed-out on delivering quality parts from whatever sources. I believe bavauto has a price-matching policy as well.
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    Most vacuum lines that are rubber come in roles and you cut the length required. Even BMW sells them to the dealers like this.

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