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2018 M550ix Parking Display While Driving Problems

Discussion in 'F10/F11 (2010-2017)' started by docron, Aug 30, 2019.

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    Hi to everyone. Hate to make this my first post here but here goes. As stated above I have a 2018 M550ix. Quickly, here are the problems. First, while driving, the surround view display just pops up as if I were parking. It can do it any old time. Starting up from a stop light, stopped in traffic on a freeway, just driving along, anytime. Second, this may sound the same, but it isn't. It randomly pops into autopark mode. The surround camera mode pops up on the display but the "P" pops up and it is looking for a parking spot to put the car in. Sometimes it just gives up. Sometimes I have been told to immediately park the car myself. This happens while I am driving the car. Third thing that happens infrequently is that the engine and transmission seem to get very "cranky" especially at idle. The best way I can describe it is that it would be similar to driving a manual car but lugging it in gear at low speed and chugging it along. Hope that made sense. It doesn't last more than a heartbeat or two and maybe I was hypercritical at first but eventually it lasted long enough for my wife to feel it. Here's the kicker, these issues may not be caused by, but they are definitely made worse by heat and having the car washed. We went to the BMW drivers school in Thermal CA and then off to Phoenix for a few weeks so it was 100+ the whole time. In addition I had the car hand washed several times. The display issues got so bad as to make using the display for input of anything almost impossible. The last issue is the navi system. It has proven itself to be almost unusable. It routinely comes back and claims to not have addresses that have existed for a long time. My phone easily has them. Next, we put in a request for commercial institutions, the navi found them and guided us to residential locations 15 to 20 miles away from the correct location and proudly announced we had arrived! It did this more than once. Under voice input it has routinely told us of upcoming turns one way only to finally tell us the turn is in the opposite direction when we finally got to the actually place to turn. Now I could see on the map and the heads up display what was going on but several times I couldn't and once it lead to a potentially dangerous situation.

    In case you think I am delusional or on some recreational drug about the heat and car wash thing, as we drove back to the bay area, the issues slowly abated as the temperature declined. But they did not go away. And once the car was washed, they came back somewhat. Including the stupid navi system being somewhat worthless. Even here in San Jose going to a DMV office, not exactly a difficult place to navigate to, the navi system got us to a point on a freeway about three quarters of a mile from the DMV office and proudly announced we were at our destination! I am taking the car in for the third time next week for these issues. It almost sounds like the recent vehicles recalled because of the sunroof drain issue that resulted in the water somehow in the trunk that soaked electronics and started some issues. In any event, anyone else have any strange issues their recent five series along these lines or do I have a poltergeist? Or should I be asking about advice about lemon laws? Thanks in advance.

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