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2014 335 Xi- Repair Costs

Discussion in 'F30 (2012-present)' started by DJK14, Jan 5, 2018.

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    Just went out of warranty. I had work done at dealership today and feel I was a bit overcharged.

    What would a reasonable labor charge be to diagnose and repair a stuck open Map Thermostat? (Materials- New thermostat and coolant came in at $200.00.)

    Also, what is a reasonable labor charge to diagnose and correct / update a software error for the battery charger (fault 8040B9)?

    Any advise is appreciated.
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    My dealer charges $180/hour labor, including for the diagnosis. If you do the work with them they wave the diagnostic fee.

    Part prices can vary, but google usually gives you a good idea
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    My dealer is 155 and hour and will also wave diag fee when work is done with them.

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