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2010 - F10 or E60

Discussion in 'F10/F11 (2010-2017)' started by clauspkinder, May 5, 2013.

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    I am in the market for a 2010 535i Sport, maybe M, but, has to have 6spd manual trans.
    At what point does the model change from E60 to a F10?
    And, what are the differences.
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    Realoem for the F10 shows a first production month of 1/2009, but the wikipedia article says Nov. 23rd, 2009; I don't have any insight on the discrepancy, perhaps someone else who knows will pipe-in. Realoem shows E60 LCI 535i last production 12/2009 - with the N54 engine. The F10 535i shows the N55 engine.

    Someone more familiar with the recent 5's should have more specifics - completely different body/chassis, engine, and so on.


    Go to the Roundel section of the website, and you can bring up the February 2010 Roundel, starting page 55, in which Satch wrote an article about the F10. Check the April 2010 issue also, starting page 54.


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    Perfect, thanks.
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    The F10 is the newest body style/ version of the 5 series. It has of course the normal options of x drive, upgraded HUH nav, xenon lights. But the major differences are the new motor choices, N55 inline 6 twin scroll turbo, N20 inline 4 cylinder with twin scroll turbo, N63 v8 with twin turbo. New suspension settings and power settings. But I am not sure you can get the new car in manual or not. I have not seen one yet. The e60 is still a nice car but doesn't have all new features of the F10. And only two versions of engines in that vehicle. The N62 v8 naturally aspirated and the N54 inline 6 twin turbo engine. Personally I don't really care for the two engines in the E60 seen many more issues with them compared to the newer ones. But neither will disappoint in fun.
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    I, too, am a 'manual-guy' but the new 5-series which is supposed to come-out a year after (2018) the new 7-series next year (2017) will NOT have manuals. My F10, 2011, 550i is a manual with 99k miles but with all the major warranty repairs it has required I am reluctant to buy another newer used one in two years. We manual-guys are being pushed-out of the market and I do not want a 4- or 3-series car to replace the current version. What will you do to get your next car? Ciao

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