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2009 iDrive Meltdown

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Electronics' started by bseli, Feb 26, 2009.

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    Greetings -

    I'm a new member, and have been the proud owner of a '09 335i coupe for the last three weeks; what an awesome car! However, I had a minor meltdown with my iDrive this afternoon and am wondering if anyone else has experienced the same issue with their newly revamped software / navigation as well. More specifically, I was driving and listening to some music I just ripped to the vehicle's hard drive the night prior, when all of a sudden I heard a long beep and the stereo & navigation suddenly turned off. After about five seconds, the BMW welcome logo popped up on the screen and the navigation began another start-up sequence (as seen when the vehicle is first started). The system resumed after a few seconds as if nothing had occurred, and I drove the vehicle several other times later today with no issues.

    Anyone else had a similar experience(s)?

    Thanks in advance...
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    while i dont have the new hard drive iDrive, your system rebooted itself. thats happened to me twice before with no problems afterwards either. its possible the reboot is a safety mechanism to prevent further damage/inoperation.

    do u think it maybe related to your newly ripped CDs? you may want to check other internet sites to see how prevalent the rebooting is. its not shocking to me at all that there are bugs with newly designed options.

    bseli guest

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    Pseto -

    Thanks for your input. I am a bit suspicious of the USB dump of music files to the vehilce's hard drive, but at the same time I've checked other sites and have heard of the "bugs" that are manifesting themselves with the new hard drive based navi software. Will monitor the problem and report back if it continues...
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    New I-Drive! (brought to you by Microsoft) :p

    Sorry, couldn't resist. Genuinely hope it's not a recurring issue, though.

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