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2007 530 XI Ticking Sound from Engine

Discussion in 'E60 (2004-2010)' started by 191070, Aug 24, 2008.

    191070 guest

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    I recently bought a 2007 530 XI CPO, and now I am hearing a loud ticking sound from the engine that sounds like a car with bad lifters. I have brought it into BMW twice now and am being told that this is " Normal" because I dont do a lot of highway driving. This however is my 3rd BMW with the 3.0 engine and have never heard this before. Quite honestly I cannot believe that BMW would ship a car with this sound and allow it to continue. Is this really common? Why can I do? If this is really the case then BMW has gone waaay down hill and its time to buy and Audi A6

    innhitman guest

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    I can tell you that I have read about this on the web a lot recently.... and my friend who has a 328i has the same issue. He was told the exact same thing..... he has to "run it harder every once in a while".... I will check with him to see if the problem went away after driving it on the highway a bit.....

    patpwu guest

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    I bought a 2006 530xit w/ ~25k miles a couple of months ago. I took it to the dealer for a couple of warranty-related things. I asked about the ticking sound because I have noticed it too. They couldn't replicate it while the car was there, but it was certainly noticeable when I picked up the car. I grabbed the service advisor and the tech and they acknowledged the noise. They said it is due to the fact that these new cars are ULEV. Quite frankly, I don't buy it... I asked them to look for another 2006 5-series on the lot, so we could compare. We found one and the ticking sound is on that one too, so I didn't have anything to hold on to. I'm monitoring the noise to see if it gets any worse.

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    No Ticking Sound on My 2007 530xi

    I have an August 2006 production 530xi (2007 Model Year). It has 29K on the ODO and is driven primarily by my wife in an 11-mile each way commute. FWIW, it does not have the ticking sound, and never is driven hard nor at high RPM.

    Jbeene guest

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    I had this issue with my 06 530xiT.

    The dealer did a "leak down" on the hydraulic lifters and it went away. I think that meant they bled the pressure out and reppressurized the system. Was covered under warranty. Unfortunately this was one of only about 10 billion problems I had with the car so I sent it down the road.

    I honestly feel sorry for the guy who bought it after I traded it in. When it worked it was a remarkable car. Otherwise it was a bit of a lemon.
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    Ticking lifters.

    Hi 191070,

    I purchased our 530i new and took Spartanburg delivery and I noticed the noisy lifter immediately. The dealer bled the lifters a few times and the noise frequency diminished somewhat and now appears from time to time.

    I was told by Mike Miller that the "Valvetronic" system is the culprit, the lifter noise is normal and no harm is being done to the engine, and since you have already documented the issue, BMW will always stand behind you. I personally am not letting this issue bother me and I continue to enjoy our 5.

    BMW has always treated us to superior ownership experiences and I trust that they will continue to do so.

    P.S. I own the car, it is not leased and I sincerely trust that I will enjoy the TOTAL experience for many years to come, I have confidence in the brand and I will not let this issue diminish my enjoyment and great driving experience.

    Good luck 191070, enjoy your great vehicle and don't let the valve noise steal your fun.

    Norm W...

    2007 530i, premium, sport, steptronic
    2004 X-3, 2.5, premium, steptronic

    ktrunk guest

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    You want the 'ticking' sound to go away?

    Then drive your BMW the way a BMW wants to be driven.

    I too, have a 530 xi 2007. When i first purchased it, i 'baby'd" it. heard ticking sounds, but solved the problem by conducting research from BMW engineers. These cars MUST be driven regularly 2 + days/ per week at 4000- 5200 (minimum) rpms. Use your Steptronic like it was intented, or, go buy the Audi or MB.

    BMWs are designed to be driven!!!!!!!!!! :)

    Run your car, and have fun.
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    I have my 528xi in for 45K service right now and the dealer is replacing the cyl head due to ticking noise in lifters. I wonder how common the problem is? Will it need to be done in another 45K?

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