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2007 3 series burn

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by punchito, Jan 27, 2014.

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    Ocassionally my car smells like burned vinyl when I hit the brakes? Sometimes see fumes after I park. Ny suggestions as to the problem?
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    Manual? Automatic? Describe your braking technique? If it's an automatic, are you a left-foot braker? Can't say how many times I've seen people driving down the road with their brake lights lit up as they're just toodlin' along. Left foot braking isn't a bad skill, but it takes vigilant awareness of what's going on with your feet - since there's no place to rest the left foot, you have to purposely hold it off the brake pedal, and muscles don't stay, uh, "in-tension" (for lack of the exact terminology) perpetually, eventually the foot/ankle/leg muscles will relax, and at that point, one might end up with their left foot on the brake pedal without being aware of riding the brakes.

    Barring a technique problem, unless every brake application is full-on lockup, doesn't sound normal. Make sure your parking brake is off. If you drive really hard with repeated hard brake applications getting the brakes hot, smoke & smell might just be normal. Hot brakes have a distinctive smell, familiar to anyone who's done a few track days and finds themselves shortly behind someone else entering a turn requiring heavy braking after a long straight or high-speed section of track. Not sure that I would describe that smell as being like hot vinyl though, but words fail to give an accurate description of the smell of hot brakes.

    I would suggest getting it checked out in case you have an issue. Pay attention to everything that was happening or how you were driving immediately prior to having this happen.
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    steven s

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    Anything stuck to your exhaust?
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    Is the vehicle all wheels drive axle boots and rip and throw grease causing burning smells. Also valve cover gaskets can leak and cause smells. I would start with those two things.

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