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2006 BMW 650i Towed to Dealer for Mis firing.

Discussion in 'E63/E64 (2004-2010)' started by derankin, Jan 3, 2012.

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    I started my car on Saturday and the engine misfired miserably. The service engine light displayed and I called the dealership service advisor. I was told to shutoff the vehicle and they would dispacthed out a tow truck. After shutting the vehicle down and quick restart to put back in the garage. The fault cleared and the engine ran with not faults. The dealer informed me today that my battery was weak and possibly needed replacement for a price of $400.00. Again the service advisor stated that the battery would need to be serialize to my car. I am not sure about the battery! Any suggestion and help would be appreciated.
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    steven s

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    A battery probably lists for close to $300. I think these need to be registered to the vehicle.
    So with labor, I could see $400.00.

    I'm sure someone with more knowledge than me will respond.
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    lhazel '13 F12

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    Just got a quote from Bramen BMW, Jupiter, FL for my Wife's '06 650: About $650 to install & program the car for the new battery. I asked the advisor "If it was a 750, would it be $750?" He stated "about $300 for the battery, and 1.5 hrs Labor for install & programming. Just plain nuts.
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    The price for the battery is actually about right for your vehicle. Not sure about a battery causing misfires most the time there is another issue with the vehicle that would be intermittent, but I have had a low voltage from a battery cause sensor to malfunction and cause a misfire but that cleared up right after the vehicle started. Is there any way you could get the list of faults for your vehicle?
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    :D Believe it or not that's the price I was given to change a battery on my 750! Lol

    Good thing is that my battery was fine I just checked the price because my friends battery recently died due to radio listening w/o engine running.

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