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2006 330i Tire Inflation

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by 06red330i, Sep 20, 2008.

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    I Just Purchased A 2006 330ia From A Non-bmw Dealer, I Was Checking The Tires And They All Had About 30 Lbs In Them. When I Opened The Front Driver Door To Check The Tire Placard, The Tire Size Has Been Rubbed So That It Cant Be Read, But I Can Read That It Says 29 Psi Front, 36psi Rear. It Also Says To Check The Manual For Correct Psi, Which I Then Did And It Shows For 330i With 225/45r17 91w Tires All The Way Around To Run 33psi Front, 41psi Rear. There Are Bridgestone Potenza Re050a Rft On The Car, The Car Doesnt Have The Sport Package.
    Would Someone With This Same Model Tell Me What Their Door Placard Says And What Psi's Do You Use?
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    I have non-sport pkg with 225/45/17 all around.
    I have 2 stickers. One says below 100 mph, 29 front, 36 rear.
    The 2nd says 33 front, 41 rear.
    The manual does not have numeric values only tells you to check the door and mentions the 2 sets of numbers for speeds over and under 100 mph.
    I have been experimenting a little with pressures myself and am using 38 in the fronts and 40 in the rears.

    I just found this and thought it was interesting. Snippet from http://www.sportcompactcarweb.com/te...ide/index.html:

    "In the event that you aren't able to find a recommendation for your car, or the tires on your car are so different from those that were originally fitted from the manufacturer as to be incomparable, we received the following rule of thumb from Oscar Pereda, an engineer for BFGoodrich. He calls it a "realistic starting point," saying it has never been just right, but is a good place to start. The rule is:
    (Vehicle Weight in lb/100) + 2 psi at heavier end + 2 psi all around if suspension and alignment are stock.
    Example: Stock 911, 3,000 lb.
    (3000/100) = 30 psi
    Add 2 psi all around = 32 psi
    Add 2 psi to heavy end = 34 psi at rear
    With modified suspension, the result is 30 psi front, 32 psi rear"

    06red330i guest

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    Thanks For Your Reply I Have Attached A Picture Of Page 112 In My Manual And A Picture Of My Placard, Somewhat Different Than Yours. My Car Was Built In 08/06 So Maybe Some Changes Were Made????

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    I have always gone by what is in the manual and ignored the door sticker. The way I understand it the door sticker is max pressure. (The one in the post with yellow color on it).

    I understand that BMW went to this after the Ford/Firestone lawsuits of a few years ago when they noted that people did not (*gasp!) check their air pressure on a regular basis and were running around with under inflated tires and this covered their arses....

    I was told the the manual (at least with my M3 and X3) is the same one that is used in the BMWs sold in Europe so their recommendations are good enough for me.

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