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2006 330i E90 Eccentric Shaft Sensor

Discussion in 'E90/E91/E92/E93 (2006-2011)' started by Ken.S.330, Jul 10, 2017.

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    I went to my local dealer to have the airbag replaced and they did a Courtesy Vehicle Condition Report. They said that I need to have 3 items addressed. Replace eccentric shaft sensor (oil leaking into wiring harness from eccentric shaft sensor.) That is estimated at $1935. Replace oil pan gasket (found engine oil seep.) That is estimated at $1648.50 and lastly replace tension strut bushing (found tension strut bushing leaking.) The estimate for that is $728.20
    Are these reasonable estimates?
    What else should be done while this is being done? I did a little web search and it seems like the Vanos pump gasket and valve cover gasket should be done at the same time as the eccentric shaft sensor. Should the sensor be replaced or can just the sensor gasket be replaced? Is it one of those things, as long as you are in there you should replace the sensor or would that be overkill? Is this a DIY? On a scale of 1 to 10 what would you think it would be?
    I guess the oil pan gasket is just a matter of how much is dripping on the garage floor, Now it is only a drop or 2 a week.
    Where are the tension strut bushings. I guess I can try and see how much they are leaking.
    I have 115,000 miles on the car. The last 7 of the VIN is KS33196.


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    Part #9 - hydraulic bushing apparently; I wouldn't know for sure, but given the size of the part, my guess is once it's leaking, it's well on its way towards pretty quickly needing to be replaced - there can't be that much fluid in there, and if it leaks, I have to guess whatever part leaks out completely or almost, pretty quickly, although perhaps the bushing is segmented internally. In any case, whatever motion arresting the bushing does, its ability to do that has to be substantially compromised if it's partially empty!


    Many dealers offer club members a discount on parts - around here, both dealers are 15% off list price on parts. No discount on labor.

    This sounds like it may have the hydraulic bushing:

    Sounds like this one dispenses with the hydraulic bushing in favor o' rubber -

    So, for that, couple hundred or so in parts, the rest is labor R&R'ing, maybe an alignment is needed after that too?
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    Thanks for the info!
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    If the eccentric sensor is leaking it needs to be replaced. The sensor leaks internally into the harness then leads oil back into the causing the die to short out and need to be replaced which is very expensive. Things to replace with this is valve cov r gaskets and valvetonic seals. Don't know what vanes pump seal is? Oil pan gasket is common and as along as you keep the oil level ok nothing would happen. Thrust are bushings that are leaking are basically useless at there job. Would need a quote break down to see if the labor and parts cost are ok.
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    I recently had the eccentric shaft sensor replaced on my E90 328 for about $1,350 at the BMW dealership. That included a 15% CCA discount plus an extra discount the service advisor threw in when I asked for it.
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    I just had a BMW shop in Annapolis replace the eccentric shaft sensor and valve cover gasket to the tune of $1260. Dealer wanted $1450. Made me want to vomit but keep telling myself my E90 is nine years old so things are gonna start going.

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