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2004 M3 - Whining Noise Under Hood

Discussion in 'E46 M3 (2001-2006)' started by old guy bimmer, Dec 30, 2015.

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    old guy bimmer

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    Hello from Oviedo, FL. -- I have an issue with my car that I wish to share with this forum to seek your advice. -- In October 2014, I purchased a car I have wanted for many years: E46 M3; the SMG was not my first choice. -- The car has stunning power and head-turning good looks: Carbon Black Metallic convertible w/ Cinnamon leather interior; and it had ~29,000 miles on it (~36,500 now). -- I had a 2005 330CI / ZHP conv. before my M3; another fun car. Although I love my car, my M3 has a noise under the hood that is rather annoying and not something I expect from a 'sophisticated' automobile. The car has a high-pitch ‘whine’ that sounds like a failing automatic transmission. It is a pronounced noise and particularly noticeable in a confined area (parking garage) where the sound is amplified as it bounces off the concrete walls… I am a BCCA member (since 2013) and attend meetings regularly. None of these folks knows what it is, so they referred me to their respective shops. -- Well, I have taken it to 3-garages specializing in BMW and no one could find the source of the noise. One of the three shops said, after keeping the car over night, they all make this noise. -- Really? -- Have you heard about this before? Do you know what this is? Do you know how to eliminate (or minimize) this noise? -- I look forward to hearing from this forum. -- Thank you. -- Have a safe and enjoyable holiday.
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    Any way you could take a video of the noise and gather some info for me? Does it happen at idle or while moving? Does it happen with the engine warm or cold? Is the noise always there or does it come and go? If it does go away how long until it does go away? If you rev the engine does the noise get louder or go away?

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