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2003 330i w/Xenon Headlights

Discussion in 'DIY (Do-It-Yourself)' started by kenster01, Jan 27, 2016.

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    My name is Keniel from Hyattsville, MD and I recently purchased a 2003 330i with Xenon Headlights. When I turn the headlights on, the igniter sometimes comes on under certain temperatures (+32 degrees) and sometimes it doesn't(-32 degrees), is there a way to test the igniter to see if I need to replace it? If so, where can I find one for a decent price?
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    Welcome to the club & forums Keniel! Some of the mainstay parts places are listed in this article:


    I've also bought from autohausaz.com, for one

    If you've just joined, you don't have a Roundel in hand yet, but you can peruse one online and scope out advertisers in the mag. BMW dealers are always an option but quite often the exact same part made by the o.e. supplier is available from non-dealer sources (such as bavauto.com), for less than dealer list. If you find something is only available from a dealer (on bavauto, for instance, that's usually the case for parts they list as special-order only, which means they have to get it from BMW), don't forget to ask the dealer if they offer a parts discount for 'cca members - many dealers do. My local dealer used to offer 15% off on parts, now it's 10%, but something's better'n nothin'!

    Roundel online here: https://www.bmwcca.org/roundel_mag
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    The above is great info on purchasing parts. To diagnosis a igniter I would swap the good side to the bad side and see if the problem goes away. You should do this with the bulb as well.

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