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2002 M5 E39 CD Changer replacement or upgrade

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Electronics' started by RayH, Jan 12, 2014.

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    My 6 unit CD Changer (mounted in the trunk) has stopped working. I have found a firm on-line that will swap it out for a reconditioned one for just under $500 (expensive for a reconditioned unit, which is likely to fail again). I contacted Harman Kardon to see if I could purchase a new unit and they responded that they supplied only the amplifier and the speakers. The CD change was furnished by a subcontractor (manufacture name does not appear on the unit). Does anyone know if CD changers and their cable connections ( two separate cables in the trunk) are an industry standard design? In other words, can I buy any trunk mounted CD changer and hook it up to the the BMW head unit? As an audio enthusiast, I enjoy the high quality sound associated with CD's, and do not wish to downgrade the sound using MP3, I-pod, or other low -fi music sources.
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    BMW is no longer selling these units through the dealer we cant even get them. I believe they were made by alpine and if you can get a reconditioned one I would suggest that.
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    Ipods do play uncompressed .wav files, as well as aiff & apple lossless (aka, alac) - A 160gb IPod Classic can store approximately 228.5 cd's converted to .wav format, approximately 304 hrs. of music, assuming a 700mb, 80-minute cd. Might be an alternative to consider. Even if you're super hard-core on cd's, the road noise, etc. while driving is going to compromise the listening experience, which is already less-than-ideal in a car.

    A few things to look at:



    Might be worth looking into the starting production date where this works:




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