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2001 740iA Track Day

Discussion in 'E38 (1995-2001)' started by Chip707, Sep 18, 2008.

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    Here's me in my 2001 740iA at a track day at the Memphis Motor Speedway Park. A driver's education weekend put on by the local Porsche Club. The track is a 1.2 mile course that includes a long straight. While the 740 was out of place (everything else in my run group was Porsche's, M3's, Corvettes, and Lotus'), the car continues to amaze me. The stock 4200 pound car was moving nicely. This track is really hard on left front tires and brakes, so I did have alot of wear on both, but most other cars were having the same issue. I learned alot from my instructor, and had my daily driver hitting 120 mph on the straight, going into a carousel turn, drifting at the turn exit at about 90. Yes, it leans in the turns compared to the sports cars, but the car does the marque proud in my estimation.

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    very cool! I love how these big cars start to feel much smaller as they geet going faster, showing their sport sedan heritage. It's good to see one out on the track, too!

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