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2000 528i key problem

Discussion in 'E39 (1997-2003)' started by BringMyWallet, Sep 26, 2010.

    BringMyWallet guest

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    The buttons for the key to my 528i stopped working. I looked at the fuses in the trunk. They seem to be ok. I only have two keys. The other key has a round head. Can I use the round head key to lock and unlock the car. Do I need a new key or another part?
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    John in VA

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    The batteries may have died in your fob. Check with your dealer to see if batteries are available or if you need to splurge on a new fob (~150).
    Have you tried your round-headed key? If it came it the car it should do everything for you.

    BringMyWallet guest

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    The owners manual said that the battery recharges when you drive the car. I did not know the battery was replaceable. In the few days before it went dead, it worked and did not work. It did not work in a very bad neighborhood in Philadelphia. I waited five minutes, then it opened the car. The car would have been history if it was left there overnight.

    Over the past 24 years, I have owned a 78 320i, 87 325is, 91 318is, 94 318is, 88 528e, 90 535i , 95 525i and the 528i. The 528i was a CPO with two keys.
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    key issues

    On my 2003 540 the keys have died a couple of times. In the first round the dealer replaced them and explained that the batteries stop accepting a charge and then die. My 3 button keys do recharge in the car until this end of life for the batteries. for some reason (profit) BMW did not make the batteries easy to replace. you have to cut the case in half and solder in a new one. Then there is a simple button sequence to re-synch the key with the car. Battery is under $10, takes about an hour to fix vs $225 or so at the dealer for a new key.

    Link to fix it thread:

    Here's the link for the battery in question: http://www.mouser.com/search/Produc...1HFvirtualkey65800000virtualkey658-VL2020-1HF

    rest Key after repair:
    Key in ignition
    On and off five times - quickly
    Removed key - held at shifter level
    Pressed Unlock button and held while pushing lock buttons 3 times
    Doors signalled confirmation
    Turned ignition on to finalize

    Also in an emergence my key goes in the old fashioned hole in the door and opens/ locks the car, then you drive away.

    Hope this helps,


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