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2 Series’ Pirelli Cinturato P7

Discussion in 'Wheels & Tires' started by ricwig, Dec 18, 2020.

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    I have a 2018 2 series xdrive convertible with 18” Pirelli Cinturato P7 run flat tires. I have had 6 of these tires blow due to potholes over the two 2 series cars I have had over 4 years. The last one that blew was on last Friday on I65 just south of Louisville. I had to wait 4 hours for tow truck to take it to BMW of Louisville. I proceeded onto Nashville. I picked the car up on the following Monday.

    This is not acceptable. I need not to be to be worried all the time that a tire is going to blow when a pothole is hit. I must get them changed. I think it’s the design of the car and the tire. I need different tires that are less likely to pop with a pothole. If I need new rims too I’m fine with getting new rims.

    Is there anyone out there that that knows a good solution. These tires are no good they cannot take a pothole without blowing. Any suggestions?
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    I am trying to sell my winter tires and wheels because they do not fit my current car.
    I tried going to BMW for a wheel / model listing. No luck
    Then I heard no one knows what car my wheels will fit on. I have the numbers.
    I want to be fare and accurate for the next buyer. Can you help?
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    I just went thru finding 17" BMW wheels with the correct offset to replace the 18" wheels
    on my 230 with the darn run flats. Found these sites to be helpful.

    BMW - Wheels specs & Tire catalogue dimensions for all BMW models - Wheel-Size.com
    Car and wheel information and specifications - CarsAddiction.com

    I've had excellent luck over a number of vehicles with Michelins, I prefer good All Season.
    I went with the 17" wheels to get a little higher aspect ratio - taller sidewall - to help
    improve the ride and decrease road noise in the cabin.

    On the 2nd listed website, above, I found that 2017's also came with 17" wheels and
    that they have an offset difference of only 2mm which is negligible. I was able to put
    on 215x50x17's and they fit just fine altho they're the next size larger than the 2017's with 17" wheels used which was 205. The 215's are just 1/2" taller so the speedo is only about
    1mph slow at around 70. What a difference in ride tho, and road noise in the car.
    I've used TireRack.com for years with super success. they'll ship to an installer they're
    hooked up with in your local area that will do the install. Here's the tires I put on this
    Read their test results and their customer's rating
    Grand Touring All-Season Ratings Charts
    Extremely happy with the results, just got them on today. What a difference!

    for the spare tire / trunk room dilemma, I got a little 12v air compressor, a good tire plug kit, a scissor jack, and some of the best "run flat" puncture repair I found thru research. Called TireJect, got it thru Amazon. Tests I saw on YouTube made it out to be the best puncture repair stuff, even up to 1/4" punctures. TireJect - The Best Tire Sealant To Repair and Prevent Flat Tires - YouTube And I figure that's probly 90%+ of onroad flat tire causes.

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