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1999 540i--new Engine?

Discussion in 'E39 (1997-2003)' started by deflipp22, Jun 2, 2008.

    deflipp22 guest

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    quick background--bought a used 1999 540i with 88k on it last June
    been driving it without any issues until I started hearing a humming noise then noticed a white plum of smoke when I started it----brought it to my europeanmotorsport machanic--he said it was misfiring --so he replaced the plugs and it ran fine but then was smoking like a pig---he said it may be a bad engine --BMW had all kinds of issues with them and had replaced thousands--so he sayd he can hear the noise that i heard thinks its in the transmission but that this is the begining of the end for this engine--it runs nice--when you mash the petal but at idle its rough and the smoke stops after you first start it but--he thinks its a bad engine-- I bought it with 88k and it has 109K now--he is telling me ballpark 5K to replace the engine--any help? does this sound right?

    he was going to do coils as well to see if that made a difference but for now we are on hold--since he thinks it is "the begining of the end"

    does this sound righ? Thanks for your help.

    keitaj guest

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    Did he check to see if the short block had been replaced?

    google "Nikasil problem"

    deflipp22 guest

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    I actually brought it to another "BMW guy" for a second opinion and what it turned out to be was the intake valve was blown--as aresult the seals on the manifold failed and was filling with oil. He replaced the the intake valve and resealed the manifold. It has been about a month since it has been fixed and the car is running like new.

    Not sure how the original guy missed this (European Motorsports-Law, MA)--he does extensive work on European cars from Lambo to BMW--thank God I got a second opinion as I was about to trade it because I didn't want to replace the engine or even the short block ($6K). as it turns out that would not have even fixed the problem. But alas the beemer is running great again.

    I highly reccomend 3D Auto works in Hudson, NH--Dan is a great guy and even came in $300 under his original quote. Just like if a doctor told you you are about to die--you might want a second opinion--same goes for the beemer--second opinion saved my car.
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    Sorry I missed this one. Yes, the intake manifold has breather separator at the back that goes bad and can fill the intake with oil. Nikasil problem only applies to the M60, not the M62 and only up to a certain production date in 94. Also be aware that the intake manifold gaskets often leak after about 100k and the intake manifold must be removed to replace them. At that time it is a good idea to have the valley pan gasket replaced. I also replace knock sensors because two of them can only be done with the water pump pipe removed, which you have to do anyway when you do the valley pan. Since you did not have this done, you can just be aware that if you ever get a coolant leak and it appears to be leaking from the transmission bell housing area, it is likely the valley pan gasket. Glad you didn't get screwed!

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